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Engineering Studies, Engineering Mechanics

About the Author

Aouni El-Hajje has a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical (Biomedical) Engineering from the University of Sydney and a Teaching degree from Western Sydney University. He is currently employed by the Department of Education.

He has a Research Paper titled "Physical and Mechanical Characterisation of 3D-Printed Porous Titanium for Biomedical Applications" published in the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine and a conference paper titled "Toward 3D Printed Bioactive Titanium Scaffolds with Bimodal Pore Size Distribution for Bone Ingrowth" published in Procedia CIRP. These 2 papers are the most highly referenced papers for an honours student.

Aouni's inspiration for writing a book of this kind was a result of the lack of resources available for students to utilise effectively. The engineering mechanics is typically the section that most students struggle in and this book will help alleviate these struggles as well as provide a solid guide for teachers to use.

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